We established Green Leaf Distribution Inc.
to make the world a better place
and create brighter options
for future generations.


Since our creation, our aim has been to have a positive impact on the people and places around us. From our research and development activities to our support for organizations that encourage sustainable living in our community, Green Leaf is committed to being at the forefront of local innovation.

We are also committed to giving people the tools they need to address everyday environmental issues in green, sustainable ways. Our current solutions include:

  • LEED™ certification services, which allow us to work with builders and building owners in Georgian Bay and the GTA to create a greener future for our community.
  • A solar-powered attic vent, which harnesses the energy of the sun to keep your home comfortable while reducing energy consumption.
  • Compost deodorizer, which supports increased participation in organic recycling programs, keeping organic waste out of our landfills.

We welcome partnerships with others in the community who share our goals. Join us in our quest – become a Green Leafer!


Green Leaf Distribution Inc. is currently working on several research initiatives within the educational and privates sectors. Some of these include:

  • Georgian College
  • Durham College
  • University of Ontario
  • Institute for Research in Construction
  • National Research Institute of Canada

Green Leaf plans to expand its service in this area to assist both students and entrepreneurs to take their innovative ideas to commercialization.

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