As seasons change, fluctuating temperatures can cause condensation and moisture to build up in your attic, reducing the life expectancy of roofs and straining homes’ heating and cooling systems.

The Solar Powered Attic Vent from Green Leaf Distribution is a low-cost, 100% solar powered product that dramatically improves attic exhaust and airflow.

Sized the same as standard North American passive roof vents, it’s ideal for quick & easy retrofits as well as new construction. It’s a simple solution that offers impressive results:


  • +760% airflow over standard vents
  • up to 30°C reduction in temperature
  • 20% decrease in shingle temperature
  • achievable energy savings of 150kWh
  • extends roof life by up to 30%


Cooling costs decrease and lower roof temperatures directly extend the life of structure, shingles and insulation.



Warm air and moisture are removed, reducing surface frost & ice buildup on roof trusses (which can lead to mold, rust, and wood rot). Fiberglass, rock & slag wool and cellulose insulation life is improved. Bacteria & mold growth are reduced, especially benefitting allergy & asthma sufferers. Snow melt is mitigated to help reduce ice damming and resultant damage.


  • Improves air circulation & air quality
  • Reduces mold counts
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Eases asthma & allergy sufferers



  • Cools home without adding utility cost
  • Can achieve energy savings >150kWh
  • Postpones home renovations & repairs
  • Lowers air conditioning demands



  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Uses 100% free, renewable solar energy
  • Prolongs life of building materials
  • Reduces waste by delaying replacement



Research clearly demonstrates that home owners actively pursue enhanced environmental technologies for a while-house approach. Roof life extension of up to 30%, improved air quality, comfort and long term cost savings will reflect positively on builders’ reputations for quality and commitment to the environment.



What is a solar-powered roof vent?

A solar-powered roof vent uses the energy of the sun to stabilize temperatures and control moisture in your attic. By doing so, it prevents damage to both the attic structure and the roof, and makes your heating and cooling system more efficient.

What are the benefits of a solar-powered roof vent?

In the summer, your solar-powered air vent will:

  • Reduce attic temperatures, keeping your home naturally cool and reducing your energy consumption.
  • Extend the life of your roof. While asphalt shingles are designed to withstand abuse from the sun over many years, over-heated attics can cause damage from the underside.

In the winter, your solar-powered air vent will:

  • Reduce rot, mildew and mould formation by controlling moisture and providing ventilation. .
  • Reduce ice dam formation on eavestroughs. In a poorly ventilated attic, hot air causes snow and ice to melt from the roof and run down to the eaves where it freezes and forms hazardous ice dams that can cause water damage inside your home.
How is a solar-powered unit better than the vent that I have now?

Most homes in Canada today are built with passive vent systems that rely on natural convection to create air pressure for circulation and ventilation.

While these passive units meet minimum provincial building code requirements, they do not protect your roof, make your home more comfortable, or help you manage your energy consumption in the way that solar-powered vents do.

What other kinds of roof vents are available on the market?

While there are a few different kinds of vents available on the market today, none deliver the full range of benefits that solar-powered vents do.

Wind-powered roof vents, for example, don’t cool effectively on hot summer days when there is no breeze to power them. But solar-powered units can be counted on to provide active circulation and ventilation precisely on those days when you need it most.

Electric roof vents are another option. They have been associated with house fires, however, and also increase your home’s energy consumption. Solar-powered vents are safe, and have the added benefit of reducing energy consumption while making your home more comfortable.

Can I install a solar-powered vent anywhere on my roof?

The solar-powered roof vent can be installed on your roof three different ways: gable-end installation, soffit installation, and easy retrofitting of an existing roof vent.

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